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"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke." 

~ Arthur Plotnik

Congratulations! You’ve finished writing a book. So, the hard part is over, right? Wrong. Now comes the hard work. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth book, there are always things that can be tweaked, strengthened, and polished to make your book the very best it can be. 


Fresh Look Editorial offers editorial services with the author in mind.  I know that writing a book can be a lonely experience but editing a book doesn’t have to be. As a team, we can work together to bring your book to the next level. I will edit your book with precision, care, respect, and integrity, while finding ways to make improvements.

How can I help?
  • Are you relatively new to the world of writing? Is this your first manuscript? Perhaps you’re not ready for a full roll-up-the-sleeves edit and instead your looking to ensure that your book has a solid foundation. If you’re looking for a full manuscript evaluation, check out the details on a manuscript evaluation.

  • Are you ready to take a close look at your characters, their goals, the strength of the conflict (internal, external, romantic), and the plot? Looking to find out if your book has a strong enough conflict from page one until the end? Then you are looking for a developmental edit. Check out the details of my developmental edit.

  • Have you already been through the developmental and copyediting stage and are looking for a final review before publication? Check out my proofreading service

Trusting your manuscript to anyone with a red pen can be a scary and nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to be. I believe in providing a positive experience, including a supportive shoulder while working through editing passes. I am always available to work through questions or concerns.

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer Herrington, lover of academics, bookworm, and an editor.  From the time that I was little, I had a thirst for reading and for writing, but I didn’t truly find my passion until I started an internship with Entangled Publishing. It was there that I found my true love—editing. 


Before I began my path as an editorial consultant, I attended Conestoga College for Radio and Television Broadcasting, and the University of Waterloo for courses in English Literature. I worked as a daily newspaper reporter for five years before moving on to writing and editing safety operating procedures and equipment manuals.


Currently, I’m working toward completing a certificate in publishing at Ryerson University with a specialization in book editing for young adults, and an editing certificate at Simon Fraser University. 

Qualifications & Experiences

My list of clients includes award-winning and bestselling fiction authors across all genres; from young adult to women’s fiction, and everything in between.

  • Currently offer freelance editorial services to Lyrical Press

  • Previously worked at now defunct Breathless Press, Lycaon Press, Three World Press, and BookFish Books.

  • Internship and mentorship with Entangled Publishing

In addition to working to complete certifications in editing and publishing, I also enjoy taking workshops and webinars to further my knowledge. There are too many to mention, but the highlights of my courses included:

  • Developmental Editing of Fiction (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced) with Jennifer Lawler through Editorial Freelancers Association 

  • Book mapping for Developmental Editors through Editorial Freelancers Association.

  • Developmental Editing: Fiction Theory through Liminal Pages

  • Developmental Editing: In Practice through Liminal Pages

  • Fiction Editing (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) through The Pen Institute

  • Romance Novels 201 through The Pen Institute

  • Copyediting (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced) with Lourdes Venard through Editorial Freelancers Association

  • Almost Everything You Need to Know about Copy Editing and Grammar Skills through Editors Association of Canada

  • Getting Your Self-Publishing Client to a Finished Product through Editors Association of Canada

  • Non-Fiction Editing (101, 201, and 301) through The Pen Institute

  • Three Editing Pass webinar series with Liz Pelletier 

​I am a member of the following editing associations:
  • Editors Association of Canada

  • Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph Editors Association (local branch of Editors Association of Canada) 

  • The Editorial Freelancers Association (USA based)

  • The Association of Independent Publishing Professionals

Hobbies & Outside Interests

When I’m not editing, I can be found reading a book just for fun, chasing after my three little boys, or watching sports or home renovation TV shows with my real-life hero, my husband, Nathan.