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My Mission

As a bookworm, when I open a book, I want to get lost in the characters, their stories, and their journeys to finding their satisfying endings. As a fiction editor, I want to help you create the same engaging experience that has readers coming back to your books again and again. 

My Specialty

I am knowledgeable and well-versed across all fiction genres (not including horror or erotica). Specializing in romance (contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy, historical) young adult, and mystery (romantic suspense, thriller, cozies)

Fresh Look Editorial offers a variety of editorial services included:

Manuscript Evaluations

  • Includes full assessment of plot, plot threads, conflict, genre elements, characters, and GMC (goals, motivation, and conflict).

  • This is delivered in an editorial letter, not in-manuscript comments.

Developmental Editing

Also known as Content Editing and/or Structural Editing

  • Includes two full editorial passes.

  • The first pass is a full assessment of plot, plot threads, conflict, genre elements, characters, and GMC (goals, motivation, and conflict). This pass is the full picture overview delivered in a detailed editorial letter, not in-manuscript comments.

  • The second pass is review of all items mentioned in the first pass, plus in-manuscript comments on reaction/action beats, motivations, setting, transitions, etc. Also includes an editorial letter.

  • A third pass, which is an overall review can be discussed.

Copyediting (Currently not accepting)

Also known as. Line Editing and/or Stylistic Editing

  • Includes fine tuning to ensure there are no dangling modifiers, commas are in the right spot, and the correct word is used.

  • This is delivered in an editorial note assessing all possible problem areas, a Style Sheet, and in-manuscript comments.

  • This is completed while maintaining the author’s voice. Application of Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) and/or style guide requested.


  • Includes final review to catch typos, basic grammar errors, confirming clarity, and continuity.

  • This is delivered in a brief editorial letter, a proofreading document detailing possible error and possible correction, and in-manuscript comments as needed.   


​Prices for my services vary according to word count, the level of intervention required, the requested turnaround time, and the editorial service you are interested in.​​​ I can provide you with a quotation after I've reviewed a representative sample of the text and we've discussed the parameters of the project.